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Footprints In The Snow
                Music by Vladimir Ragimov
                Lyrics by Rasul Gamzatov

Together through the wintry woodland
All day we wandered without pause.
How come, then, that beside my footprints
I cannot see a print of yours?

Were not the trees just now repeating
Your songs of overwhelming charm?
And when your fingers lost their feeling,
Did not I warm them in my palm?

Did you not run behind a fir tree
And cry: "Give chase! I'm not afraid!"?
If you were not the other person,
Who was it heard my verse tirade?

Was it not you who laughed, grew angry,
Who said that I was in the wrong?
Was it not you saw my surrender
When your persuasion proved too strong?

Through virgin snow you strode beside me.
Where are your tracks? I do not know.
I walk alone. Thought flutters wildly
But leaves no footprint in the snow.

1977, Moscow

© 1977 Vladimir Ragimov/VRAG Records

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