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Three Women
           Music by Vladimir Ragimov
           Lyrics by Rasul Gamzatov

I kissed three women when I left.
Beneath a spreading yew
One stood and said:
"If you forget,
I'll shed no tear for you!"

The second in the doorway held
A pitcher at her side
And bid me:
"Hurry back! Farewell!"
The third just stood and sighed.

The first I speedily forgot
Beneath the glowing skies.
The second I remembered not
Beyond the second rise.

I rode and strode by many a road
And sluggish Time I spurred,
For always I was haunted by
Remembrance of the third.

The first, the shrew, was on the roof
To watch me gallop in.
The second, suave and smiling, gave
Me water from the spring.

The third was nowhere to be seen,
Her presence there I missed.
And that's the woman whom I dream
About - the third I kissed.

1979, Moscow

© 1979 Vladimir Ragimov/VRAG Records

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