Remote Control  RealAudio
                               Lyrics and music
                               by Sandro Eristavi

Hey, there is not a lot of words I've left to say.
Through your eyes I have seen my every move 
My light, my dark, and endless fields of gray 
Where the beast in you brings out the beast in me.
Say, why don't we become the hunter and the prey? 
Such a rush to be honest for a change
To say out loud what we never say
And to watch what went so well go to hell.
What a tainted name
I can understand the way you act
Who's the one to blame?
How can you be sure before the fact? 
Hey! I don't know... we might not even have today
One more step, one more gesture, one more word -
The cup is full. From here it doesn't hurt 
Anymore. From here down hill, 
Out the door.

2002-2003, Irvine
© 2003 Sandro Eristavi

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